Friday, April 15, 2005

Too Much to Do, but it's so fun!

This Week:

This has been a week of multi-tasking and job searching. This week is our annual all-day live broadcast of Relay for Life, which takes a lot of planning and organizing. I have planned it and helped for the past 3 years and this will be my fourth, only this time, I really felt like a senior passing my duties on to someone else since I will be leaving. My Professor wanted his radio announcing and media management classes to organize and plan the event in coordination with me and my other fellow radio station leader, Poodle. It has been fun though to see the underclassman excited about this event because it is a fun day and it is for a good cause. The best part is that we are out and being seen in the community. This is the best time to get feedback from our target audience about what they think of the station and the music, which always helps. We need loyal listeners because without them, our station would never be a complete success.

Anyway, we will be down at the Westminster College track all day with interviews and live drops with DJ's in the station running the board all day! We play the music for the people walking around the track and there are multiple booths to visit and talk to. For some reason too, it never rains on Relay for Life Day. In four years, it has not rained and there is no rain in the forecast for tomorrow. I look forward to this remote and supporting the American Cancer Society.

*I'm getting ready for our Senior Broadcast Festival on Monday April 25th! It's an all day event and anyone is welcome to come! We will be giving presentations about our experiences here at Westminster as a Broadcast major and we will be talking about our futures! We have a lot of work to still do!

*Poodle and I had our morning show this morning and we had a lot to talk about today! We talked about Britney's pregnancy, Nick Carter's alleged drunk-driving charges, new music artists, fun stories, and everything! We are a great team as leaders and as morning show hosts together. I only hope that when I leave school and go out into the real world that I will be so lucky as to work and get along with someone like her! We also talked about what celebrity we hated. We had a special guest in the studio and she said that she hates Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt because she thinks they are scum because of what they did to Jennifer Aniston. How sad. :(
Uh oh! What are they doing in the bushes?

This week, I didn't say it on the morning show, but I hate Kendra from the Apprentice. She is so annoying and immature. How can the Trumpster want her to run any of his businesses? WHO DO YOU HATE? You can post on my blog or e-mail me at lanetn2003@yahoo.com


The actual search is good. The response is not. I have applied so many places and found so many places to apply to, but I have not heard from any of them. I am going to change my approach and start calling the places that I applied to because I should be persistent. I will continue job searching til I find something.


Poodle got a job as a board op at Infinity where I did my internship, so I went to visit them this week! When I go there, I feel right at home! I love it there and they are all so sweet and supportive. We sat in with Mr. Johnny Hartwell and I talked to him about Froggy. He and the rest of the people there are proud! They told me I'm welcome to come back anytime. It pays to be a good intern. Believe me, people notice you and make sure you keep in touch with those people.

*NEW CD's!
WooHoo! This has been what I have waited for! Mariah Carey's "Emancipation of Mimi," came out this past Tuesday! I'm a huge fan and it is a great CD! She has an awesome voice! Go out and get it! Also, my man going solo, Rob Thomas's new CD," Something to Be" is coming out on Tuesday!

*All my favorite artists will be on VH1's Save the Music concert this Sunday at 9PM! Joss Stone! Love her! Alicia Keys! Love her! Rob Thomas! Love him! They will all be on singing together and I am excited to watch it! I heard it was a great show! Make sure you catch it!

*My girls, Melissa Batulis, a reporter at WENY in Elmira New York and Sarah Bowers an Assistant producer at WTAE in Pittsburgh will be here this weekend and I will be hanging out with them! I miss them!


It's amazing to me how popular blogs are now! Everybody has one! Also, everybody on television is talking about everyone's blog! Blogging is the new trend and fad! It's the cool thing to do! I'm glad I'm ahead of the game thanks to Mr. Weaver!



At April 15, 2005 at 7:17 PM, Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

Whoo hoo! You're fonts are normal size. Or at least I see them that way now.

So you still working on that DUQ thing?


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