Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cumulus Broadcasting in Macon Georgia


First of all, I'd like to say HELLO to everyone! Yes, I am finally updating my blog since my last post in June. I read the last post and a lot has changed since then. I was working at Froggy and an integrated marketing firm, then I got another job in Pittsburgh that didn't work out. I was hoping for something to turn up full-time at Froggy or in Pittsburgh, but nothing was open and I just realized that in order to really do what I wanted to in the broadcast industry, I had to go to Dr. B's infamous checklist for success, and I had to pack my bags! I decided to move here to Macon, Georgia with my Mom and to save up some funds since we don't make any money in this business. Anyway, while I was in Pittsburgh, I called and stalked the Operations Manger here at Cumulus. When I got here, I just drove to the station the next day and I talked to him without even having an appointment. He told me that a traffic and news position was open and I said great!

That is the awesome thing about coming from Wetminster College and taking advantage of all the opportunities i had there in the Broadcast Department. Of course, I am a DJ in my own right, but because I used my knowledge and experience from radio news at Westminster, I am versatile. So, that was open and I knew I was able to do it! I didn't have to wait for a DJ air shift to get in and get my foot in the door. Anyway, he said great, and I started within the next couple of days! So tell me my fellow classmates, does it pay off to be persistent and aggressive? I think yes!

I am officially the news and traffic reporter and anchor. But, it doesn't end there! I report, write, produce, anchor, I interview, I go to meetings, I do it all! I anchor and report for the News talk station...WMAC Newstalk 940 AM. For traffic, I call all the surrounding county dispatchers to see what's going on. Here, we just updated to the Scott 32 system. We use cool edit and TLC. It's great because besides Cool edit, the other systems are new to me, so it gives me more software that I'm getting experience in that I can add to my resume. The only people in the news department are me, my News Director, and another part-timer who is here occasionally. I do 3 newscasts a day and do wraps and actualities and readers for my News Director for the morning news. I do 4 traffic reports in the afternoon. Macon, GA fluctuates between a market 156 and a 154. Right now, it's a 154. The nice thing about being here is that I have a market 23 on my resume infront of that thanks to Froggy. The other great thing about being here is that I have experience in a lot of different areas, so I can dab into everything since it is small market radio. I do the news, yes. But, an entertainment segment on the Top 40 station is in the works, I work promotions, and I on-air for the country or AC station is in the works. And I've only benn here 2 months! See what can happen!!!!! I'm just taking advantage of everything that comes my way. I'm hoping to at some point in time get promoted to a management position cause I do think I am a very good leader. I do have to say though that I never thought I would enjoy news as much as I do. I used to think that news was the last thing I wanted to do and I now I love it! Of course you have those days when things are slow and they don't seem to be working, but I just stay positive because I know there are days like this. But, in this business, you can't let them get to you! I like it here, everyone is really nice and I'm looking forward to my opportunities growing here! I'm also looking forward to building my resume to move to the next highest market. My ultimate goal is to work in a top 30 market as a PD, News Director, or Promotions Director, and a morning show co-host! I love it all, and I can do it all! Hire me and you'll find out! :)

I saw two movies this past weekend. One was very good and one was very bad! I went to see History of Violence with the PD for the Top 40 station. I have to say it was very disturbing, but really really good! I recommend this one! My parents wanted me to see The Fog on Sunday and it was AWFUL! Don't go see it! What is happening to movies these days?

*Everyone knows that I am the reality show junkie! I love Laguna Beach, The Real World, So you Think you Can Dance, Girls Next Door, Taradise, The Fabulous Life on VH1, I love the 80's, Best Week Ever, What not to Wear, The Soup, Regis and Kelly, Oprah, the new Tyra Banks show, America's Next Top Model, Breaking Bonaduce, and the best reality show ever right now....MAKING THE BAND 3 Season 2! This show is on Thursday nights on MTV on the 10 spot! It's SOOOOOOOOO Good! Diddy ain't play'n either!

*What have I noticed with music this week? Madonna is back! Destiny's Child's Number one's is GREAT! I've actually been going through a country music phase lately. I've noticed that a lot of country stars are remaking old pop, rock, and even using some ghetto words in their songs! I'm really excited for where country music is headed. The country station here at Cumulus gets the most remotes and does really well in ratings. I notice that the country music audience is changing not only in Pittsburgh, but everywhere. It's getting younger, and country artists are definitely catering to the younger audience more and more by allowing the rock and pop influence in their songs. Big and Rich is a perfect example of this!

HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE HALLOWEEN COLORS! I'll update more and more now! Don't forget to go on Hay Rides and go to Haunted houses and to celebrate fall! FALL IS MY FAVORITE AND IT'S A GREAT SEASON!

If you want to get a hold of me, e-mail me at lanetn2003@yahoo.com or post on here, or check me out on myspace!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tell me what's new with you, and I'll tell you what's new with me!

HI EVERYBODY! Well, I graduated exactly one month ago today, and everything is going great! The rest of last month Dr. B had me fill in for radio news to do the 8, 9, and noon newscasts and they all went very well! I love doing radio news! The noon newscast is always so much better than the 8 and 9 because you have so much time to gather great sound and new strories. The more I did radio news, the more I liked it, so I am looking into radio news jobs part-time at night. I just don't think I can drive that far to get there because my car is starting to die on me. There is slways a problem with it. Poor Trina! (I know, I name my cars...and I am not ashamed).

I was working with a couple temp agencies, hoping that they could get me into something that matched my skills and expertise because I don't like to not be working. I didn't work for 2 weeks and I just about went CRAZY!

I am not working at an Integrated Marketing firm called Communifax. Everyone is really nice and the atmosphere is young. I get to do all my favorite things, which is to stay busy and on task in a fun and chaotic environment and I have to meet deadlines. Right now, I am the receptionist and the proofreader. So I get to edit and proofread copy. They needed a receptionist right away, and they might be creating a new position called the marketing coordinater which I would like to apply for. That position won't be open for a couple of months, but I would like to move up in this company.

I'm starting grad school in the fall and I'm am still dancing. I am teaching a couple hip-hop workshops this summer!

What CD's are in my CD player right now?......

Kelly is rocking my world with her Breakaway album! I love it! She combines pop and rock beautifully with her oh so powerful voice!

Frankie J is a recent purchase and I haven't made it through the whole CD yet, but from what I have heard, it sounds great. He has a smooth and versatile voice with some great beats, but I don't think it's a MUST BUY like Kelly Clarkson is.

The voice is back and this little Tandi couldn't be happier! She is now at her first number 1 in a long time and this CD is GREAT! She has a great collaboration on track 7 with Nelly! GO MARIAH!

And last but certainly not least, Envogue's Greatest Hits is in my player now and eveyone knows I'm a HUGE fan of Destiny's Child, but women R &B groups started with these ladies! They made you....FREE YOUR MIND!

*The new Balck Eyed Peas album is on my wish list.

*I went to DSW warehouse because I love shoes the other day, and I was walking when I heard clicking. I then turned around and this old woman was sitting on the bench with the mirrors where you look at your shoes, and she was clipping her toenails IN THE SHOE STORE! And it was not discrete. The clippings were flying EVERYWHERE! I was so disgusted that I had to leave! WHO DOES THAT??? WHAT A CRAZY LADY! What, she didn't have enough time to do that before her shopping trip? Was she trying to make her toes pretty before she tried on some strappy sandals! HOW GROSS! Old people are Nuts!
These are meant to be used in the privacy of your own home!


Friday, April 29, 2005

Am I going to live Happily Ever After?


*Monday we had the Broadcast Communications Festival, which was a very successful day. I planned and scheduled the Titan Radio Remote in which we asked questions about artists and we gave away what Poodle would call(so, so Fly) Titan Radio T-shirts. We also gave tours of the remote truck. It was a cold day for a remote to be held outside, but it was still a great day. Myself, and all the rest of the seniors gave our senior presentations and they were all great. People that were not involved in broadcasting came out to see the presenations and they were all very impressed. Many don't realize all that it takes in Broadcasting. I went way over time and Mr. Weaver called me the new "Lorraine." She was a girl who graduated 2 years ago and she played almost every aircheck from news, radio announcing, and she played almost every package she ever made as well. (That was not me, but he thought it was funny).

*It was GREAT to see the underclassman come out and support us. It's amazing to me to see and listen to the growth in them. We all trained them and took them under our wing, and it makes me so proud to see how far they've come.

*I will miss everyone here and I could not have done it without all my fellow broadcasters, Mr. Weaver, and Dr. Barner. I hope to continue on in the biz and I owe all my success to all those who have supported me.

*Mine and Poodle's last morning show is on a special day...It's this upcoming Tuesday from 7 t0 10AM, and next year she will take on a morning show with Amanda Hauger. YOU GO GIRLS! HOLA GIRL! (Inside joke, sorry).

*Poodle had our morning show with WHAT CELEBRITY DO YOU HATE? This week, I hate Chris Klein! He is a sissy. Beth Grubbs called in and she hates Macy Gray cause she sounds like Donald Duck! I agree!

*We are having a Broadcast bonding day at my apartment next Wednesday and we are cooking out! WHAT FUN!

*We also had a fun night last night at our place for the last broadcast night together after our last television broadcast. We had some beverages and we sang some kareoke. I sang my standard songs...you gotta love it...Denise Williams-Let's Hear it For the Boy from FOOTLOOSE, and the Queen Of Soul, Aretha Frankin's RESPECT! What a great time!
, She looks really BAD here! Fake hair and that dress that

is not flattering. Come on Aretha, you're the Queen! You
can do better!

*This week I will be job searching and putting together my resume tapes! IT'S JOB TIME! HOP ON BOARD! LET'S GO!

*I want to say Happy Birthday to my friend AARON DAILEY! HE'S 22! Wow! I feel old!
HA! This is me when I'm old! She may be 80, but she can still party it up!

*Look for more blogs soon!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Read this, you know you want to!


This week has been crazy with class! I had 4 papers to write for one class and I had a quiz and a presentation and projects due, and of course I do them at the last minute because that's when I have to make time to do it. But it's still quality work and I still get it done! What other way would Broadcast Majors have it? We know things change and we have to pull things together at the last minute no matter how planned out things can be, so we naturally procrastinate. That's what I'd like to call myself...a natural procrastinator. It's in my nature!
These people don't go here, but I needed some pics!

*This Monday we have our first Broadcast Communications Festival! We wanted to put together a fun day for our senior presentations because they are usually all spread out over the course of a week or two, but we thought we'd have ONE BIG CELEBRATION ALL DAY! How fun is that?! Here is the schedule for the day....

9AM: Krispy Kremes in the McKelvey Center! (Yes, we are giving away free food. If there is one reason for you to come, this should be it! Come on, college students live for free food!)

10:30-11:30: We will be unveiling the Broadcast Communications Senior Capstone Display in the 2nd Floor McKelvey-TCH Hallway

11:30: Sebastian Driver-Salazar and Sarah Ubry's Senior Presentation in Mueller Theater-Round 1
Sebastian and Sarah!

12:30-2:30: TV Remote Truck Tours outside the TUB, Titan Radio Remote inside and outside the TUB, The Capstone time capsule message book in the TUB!

5:30: Ashley Roberts, Megan Marshall and MY(Tandi Lane's) Presentations in Mueller Theater

Ashley Roberts Megan Marshall Tandi Lane

6:45: Capstone Reception-We will have refreshments at the back entrance of Mueller Theater...More free food, you know you want to come!

7:30: Ian Durham, Laura Krutschnitt, and Pat Sandora's Senior Presentations in Mueller Theater!

I have no pics of him
and this is what came
up when I googled him!
Sorry Ian! You know I
love ya!


*For the Titan Radio Remote, I am planning a Trivia game that involves questions about artists and songs that play on Titan Radio! We will be giving away prizes as well! I made a :30 promo spot for the event that ran this week as well. I have also been helping and adding in promos that other people have made for the event! I am planning a lot for my senior presenatation basically highlighting my expereince at Westminster, how it helped me to do the best at my internship, my job at Froggy, and what I'm doing in the future! I don't want to give away everything though because I want to keep you in suspense! All the more reason for you to come! If Poodle's going to be there, so should you!
Isn't this funny!

*Poodle and I had a good morning show this morning. We were a little out of it because we were both really tired, but I think that sometimes that works because I listen back and we are funnier! We talked about entertainment news and the BC Festival. The celebrity that Poodle and I hate this morning is Winnie the Pooh! I know that is weird, but he doesn't wear pants and he is always happy and like Sponge Bob Sqaure Pants, the older crowd(like people my age) are obsessed with him! What is it with cartoons! You should be watching better things like Making the Band 3 on MTV! GROW UP PEOPLE! Cartoons are for little kids! My 2 year-old brother watches cartoons, now should I? NO!
Take a stand! Say no to Pooh!

*Mariah Carey's album was number 1 last week! It's been her first number 1 album in eight years! Go MARIAH! SHE'S RIPE AND SHE'S BACK!

*The job search is still going! I am interviewing this week for a PR job. We will see! Keep your fingers crossed!


On show-biz in tonight on CNN, which is a great entertainent program that you should all watch...they were talking about the morning show ratings war right now! The executive producer for the Today show either resigned or was fired? The ratings have been going up for the Early morning show with Diane Sawyer on ABC, and the morning show on CBS has the least viewers with 3 million, but they still do well. The Today show has been in the lead for ratings for the past six years, but Good Morning America is cathing up fast! Why is the Today show so successful and what is Good Morning America doing differently if anything at all? The Today show was the first to go outside with Al Roker and they invented alot of the things that are normal for all the morning shows! The Today show brings in half..yes I said HALF of NBC's ratings and money! Will Good Morning America catch up? Is Katie Couric over? We shall see!


Friday, April 15, 2005

Too Much to Do, but it's so fun!

This Week:

This has been a week of multi-tasking and job searching. This week is our annual all-day live broadcast of Relay for Life, which takes a lot of planning and organizing. I have planned it and helped for the past 3 years and this will be my fourth, only this time, I really felt like a senior passing my duties on to someone else since I will be leaving. My Professor wanted his radio announcing and media management classes to organize and plan the event in coordination with me and my other fellow radio station leader, Poodle. It has been fun though to see the underclassman excited about this event because it is a fun day and it is for a good cause. The best part is that we are out and being seen in the community. This is the best time to get feedback from our target audience about what they think of the station and the music, which always helps. We need loyal listeners because without them, our station would never be a complete success.

Anyway, we will be down at the Westminster College track all day with interviews and live drops with DJ's in the station running the board all day! We play the music for the people walking around the track and there are multiple booths to visit and talk to. For some reason too, it never rains on Relay for Life Day. In four years, it has not rained and there is no rain in the forecast for tomorrow. I look forward to this remote and supporting the American Cancer Society.

*I'm getting ready for our Senior Broadcast Festival on Monday April 25th! It's an all day event and anyone is welcome to come! We will be giving presentations about our experiences here at Westminster as a Broadcast major and we will be talking about our futures! We have a lot of work to still do!

*Poodle and I had our morning show this morning and we had a lot to talk about today! We talked about Britney's pregnancy, Nick Carter's alleged drunk-driving charges, new music artists, fun stories, and everything! We are a great team as leaders and as morning show hosts together. I only hope that when I leave school and go out into the real world that I will be so lucky as to work and get along with someone like her! We also talked about what celebrity we hated. We had a special guest in the studio and she said that she hates Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt because she thinks they are scum because of what they did to Jennifer Aniston. How sad. :(
Uh oh! What are they doing in the bushes?

This week, I didn't say it on the morning show, but I hate Kendra from the Apprentice. She is so annoying and immature. How can the Trumpster want her to run any of his businesses? WHO DO YOU HATE? You can post on my blog or e-mail me at lanetn2003@yahoo.com


The actual search is good. The response is not. I have applied so many places and found so many places to apply to, but I have not heard from any of them. I am going to change my approach and start calling the places that I applied to because I should be persistent. I will continue job searching til I find something.


Poodle got a job as a board op at Infinity where I did my internship, so I went to visit them this week! When I go there, I feel right at home! I love it there and they are all so sweet and supportive. We sat in with Mr. Johnny Hartwell and I talked to him about Froggy. He and the rest of the people there are proud! They told me I'm welcome to come back anytime. It pays to be a good intern. Believe me, people notice you and make sure you keep in touch with those people.

*NEW CD's!
WooHoo! This has been what I have waited for! Mariah Carey's "Emancipation of Mimi," came out this past Tuesday! I'm a huge fan and it is a great CD! She has an awesome voice! Go out and get it! Also, my man going solo, Rob Thomas's new CD," Something to Be" is coming out on Tuesday!

*All my favorite artists will be on VH1's Save the Music concert this Sunday at 9PM! Joss Stone! Love her! Alicia Keys! Love her! Rob Thomas! Love him! They will all be on singing together and I am excited to watch it! I heard it was a great show! Make sure you catch it!

*My girls, Melissa Batulis, a reporter at WENY in Elmira New York and Sarah Bowers an Assistant producer at WTAE in Pittsburgh will be here this weekend and I will be hanging out with them! I miss them!


It's amazing to me how popular blogs are now! Everybody has one! Also, everybody on television is talking about everyone's blog! Blogging is the new trend and fad! It's the cool thing to do! I'm glad I'm ahead of the game thanks to Mr. Weaver!


Friday, April 08, 2005



I'm so excited that it is April and it is Spring this week! It's not cold and the weather is perfect! This week I ran a promotion with our local Tanning Salon, South Beach Tanning! They gave 3 free tanning sessions for us to give away on the morning shows this whole week. It was a great promotion especially at this time of year because people are getting ready for the summer and they are all tanning. I really wanted to expand our listenership and I thought this contest was at the perfect time of year! It went great! South Beach Tanning was happy and so were all the listeners. I made the contest to be the 8th caller to call and win. It was easy, but more people always listen when you are giving something away for free! I made :30 promo spots and on air promo cards for everyone to read on the air! The DJ's are very good about checking what is in the studio and promoting the stuff that is on the promo cards! I believe the media management and the Announcing class have helped a lot with getting the newbies more in tune with what is going on and getting them more motivated to work on their craft!

Poodle and I had our morning show today and it felt great since it is a beautiful day and it will be a beautiful weekend! It was the first weekend where I didn't have to announce that there was going to be rain or snow or cold weather! Poodle and I talked about a lot of entertainment news, we also did the Celebrity you Hate. This week, I hate Mischa Barton. I like the OC, but I think Mischa Barton is average and she's not my favorite. But, this is a fun game. If there is someone that you hate, let us know. You can post on my blog or you can e-mail me at lanetn2003@yahoo.com
*I hate Mischa Barton

I'm getting down to the wire with the job search and I've been applying since September! It's making me nervous and makes me feel like I will never get a job. I also have to remember that every college senior is looking for a job right now and the positions are very limited.

I went to the Arts Career Day and it was fun. We sat in on panel discussions where different PR, Advertising, and Broadcast professionals told us about their experiences in the business. We got to network a little bit and that was good. It was great advice, I just wish those people were actually hiring and looking for people. But, the panel did help me realize that I need to beef up my cover letters and not be so formal. I'm proud of Pat Sandora and Kirstan Gides who talked to the keynote speaker...Producer at WQED in Pittsburgh, Rick Seback. They got him to come on our half hour news magazine..."The County Line" for the Interview segment! Go Westminster Broadcast students! We really know how to network. The one person that really helped was a man that makes movies now. He has done everything and I read in his bio that he was a producer at the same place I applied for a job. I talked to him and he told me exactly who to call and talk to and to tell them that I ran into him. That helped and it was nice of him to do that.

It's April and graduation is getting closer and closer! There are a lot of events to look forward too! Next week is the annual Relay for Life and Titan Radio is really involved with that! I'll be doing a lot next week!

I'm looking forward to Rob Thomas's first solo album coming out on April 19th called "Something to Be!" I've seen Matchbox 20 live 3 times and they are amazing and Rob Thomas is great! "Lonely No More," is my favorite song right now! I'm that annoying person that puts their favorite song on repeat til I get sick of it! I LOVE ROB THOMAS!



Thursday, April 7, 2005
Howard Stern Opts To Drop Ft. Myers Affiliate

In a move that topped evening newscasts throughout Southwest Florida, WXRK/New York-based syndicated morning host Howard Stern has refused to renew his contract with Beasley Broadcast Group Classic Rocker WRXK (96K-Rock)/Ft. Myers after eight years waking up Lee and Collier Counties. In an statement read on the air this morning, 96K-Rock PD John Rozz explained that his station's contract with The Howard Stern Show expired as of this evening. "Since Howard's future plans are to get out of the radio business, he is moving on. Here at 96K-Rock we know how important it is to stay topical and entertaining in the morning, and we pledge to continue giving you the best morning programming in Southwest Florida." Stern announced on his show today that he declined to renew his contract with WRXK apparently because another Beasley station — Sports Talk WQAM/Miami — dropped his program a few months ago over indecency concerns. Stern noted on his program today that he could not understand why Beasley thought his show's content was acceptable for Ft. Myers but not for Miami and that Beasley could not have it both ways. In a statement to WBBH-TV/Ft. Myers, Stern's agent, Don Buchwald, said, "He has it in his power to make decisions, as do other people, to pull the show."
Market speculation has WRXK's afternoon Stan and Haney program moving to mornings, starting Monday, while the nighttime Liz Wilde Show would bump up to afternoon drive. Stan and Haney plan to make an announcement regarding the future of their program at 3pm tomorrow.

I've been following news on Howard Stern since he quit Infinity and I think he is in way over his head. Just go to Sirius already because I'm not going to pay for you!

*Advice to my fellow seniors at Westminster, all the websites in the booklette that we got from the career day were very helpful job resources! Check them out!


Friday, April 01, 2005


Tandi Lane

Resume Tape Outline

*I want to include many elements on my resume tape showcasing my ability to handle a shift and handle it well.

A. Open the mic
1. Include the best of the best talk break. Preferably a short one that includes my name, but it should be the best of the best.
2. The levels on the tape should be the same for each talk break, so I will adjust it.
3. The opening sound should be tailored to the station I am applying for and the format and the mood of that station. Research on the station should be done before choosing talk breaks for the tape.

1. Should still include a variety of talk breaks. I will use a long one because it is good and I have a caller. This shows that I can relate to and deal with this listeners in a good manner.
2. The middle of the tape should still be the best of the best of my talk breaks for an effective resume tape. Just because it’s the middle doesn’t mean the tape should die, it should keep momentum and still be the best of what I have.

1. Once again, this part should still be the best of the best.
2. I would like for the tape to NOT sound like it ends abruptly. It would be nice to have a talk break that heads into a stop set or a last talk break of my shift.
3. The tape should be no longer than 1 minute 15 seconds. Should really only be a minute with the best talk breaks.

*I want my tape to portray what I have to offer as a DJ. I also want it to be a good reflection of my paper resume and the skills that are listed. I’ve worked on my resume tape a lot already and I’ve had some responses, which is good. I’m still working at Froggy, so I will continue to do my best at my shifts, so I have a great selection for my tape. The tape should always be updated too. I will never hand in any talk break where I’m talking about a new song when I know that by the time I send out my tape that it will be an old song. I am only using talk breaks from Froggy.

First Week Back


Okay, so it's the first week back after Spring Break and I found out that my classes end this month! AHHHHHH! That means I have to be searching and sending out resumes EVERYDAY! Over break I created 5 different resumes pertaining to different types of jobs because I would love to have at least a job even if it's not in my field right away.

This week I made :30 second promo spots and on air promo cards for the DJ's to read. We are giving away 3 free tanning sessions next week on the Morning Shows sponsored by our good friends at South Beach Tanning! I'm making the contest be the 8th caller to win, but they have to listen to the morning shows to win, so maybe we will get more listeners during that daypart because this is a prize a lot of people want(including guys whether they want to admit it or not)

I was very excited with our SAVE THE TUB campaign. We saw the results this week as the new sign were put up. Me and other broadcast majors including my morning show co-host were in the school paper and it was a really funny picture.

I will be teaching a hip-hop workshop over the summer at the Sweetwater Center for the Arts in Sewickley and I'm very excited!

My friend that is an assitant producer at WTAE might be coming to visit this weekend! I'm very excited to see her since I have not seen her in awhile.

For the most part, I am continuing to work on resumes and my resume tape this weekend, as well as catching up on homework! Don't we all love it!


Wilkes Barre Station Owner Found Guilty Of Sex Abuse

A Lackawanna County, PA jury has found Douglas Lane, owner of WICK, WYCK & WWDL/Wilkes Barre, guilty of sexually abusing a teenage boy and taking photos of another teenage boy who was nude. Lane now faces between five and 82 years in jail, and on Wednesday he was taken to Lackawanna County Prison after being free on bail since his arrest in early 2004, the Scranton Times reports.
The jury deliberated for just 90 minutes before finding Lane guilty of two counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, five child pornography counts for photographing a naked 15-year-old boy and one count of child pornography possession. Lane was found not guilty of four other child pornography charges, the newspaper reported. Lane's attorney, James Walker, plans on appealing the verdict while his client awaits sentencing.

I found this article on radio and records and it makes me sick!