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I'm so excited that it is April and it is Spring this week! It's not cold and the weather is perfect! This week I ran a promotion with our local Tanning Salon, South Beach Tanning! They gave 3 free tanning sessions for us to give away on the morning shows this whole week. It was a great promotion especially at this time of year because people are getting ready for the summer and they are all tanning. I really wanted to expand our listenership and I thought this contest was at the perfect time of year! It went great! South Beach Tanning was happy and so were all the listeners. I made the contest to be the 8th caller to call and win. It was easy, but more people always listen when you are giving something away for free! I made :30 promo spots and on air promo cards for everyone to read on the air! The DJ's are very good about checking what is in the studio and promoting the stuff that is on the promo cards! I believe the media management and the Announcing class have helped a lot with getting the newbies more in tune with what is going on and getting them more motivated to work on their craft!

Poodle and I had our morning show today and it felt great since it is a beautiful day and it will be a beautiful weekend! It was the first weekend where I didn't have to announce that there was going to be rain or snow or cold weather! Poodle and I talked about a lot of entertainment news, we also did the Celebrity you Hate. This week, I hate Mischa Barton. I like the OC, but I think Mischa Barton is average and she's not my favorite. But, this is a fun game. If there is someone that you hate, let us know. You can post on my blog or you can e-mail me at lanetn2003@yahoo.com
*I hate Mischa Barton

I'm getting down to the wire with the job search and I've been applying since September! It's making me nervous and makes me feel like I will never get a job. I also have to remember that every college senior is looking for a job right now and the positions are very limited.

I went to the Arts Career Day and it was fun. We sat in on panel discussions where different PR, Advertising, and Broadcast professionals told us about their experiences in the business. We got to network a little bit and that was good. It was great advice, I just wish those people were actually hiring and looking for people. But, the panel did help me realize that I need to beef up my cover letters and not be so formal. I'm proud of Pat Sandora and Kirstan Gides who talked to the keynote speaker...Producer at WQED in Pittsburgh, Rick Seback. They got him to come on our half hour news magazine..."The County Line" for the Interview segment! Go Westminster Broadcast students! We really know how to network. The one person that really helped was a man that makes movies now. He has done everything and I read in his bio that he was a producer at the same place I applied for a job. I talked to him and he told me exactly who to call and talk to and to tell them that I ran into him. That helped and it was nice of him to do that.

It's April and graduation is getting closer and closer! There are a lot of events to look forward too! Next week is the annual Relay for Life and Titan Radio is really involved with that! I'll be doing a lot next week!

I'm looking forward to Rob Thomas's first solo album coming out on April 19th called "Something to Be!" I've seen Matchbox 20 live 3 times and they are amazing and Rob Thomas is great! "Lonely No More," is my favorite song right now! I'm that annoying person that puts their favorite song on repeat til I get sick of it! I LOVE ROB THOMAS!



Thursday, April 7, 2005
Howard Stern Opts To Drop Ft. Myers Affiliate

In a move that topped evening newscasts throughout Southwest Florida, WXRK/New York-based syndicated morning host Howard Stern has refused to renew his contract with Beasley Broadcast Group Classic Rocker WRXK (96K-Rock)/Ft. Myers after eight years waking up Lee and Collier Counties. In an statement read on the air this morning, 96K-Rock PD John Rozz explained that his station's contract with The Howard Stern Show expired as of this evening. "Since Howard's future plans are to get out of the radio business, he is moving on. Here at 96K-Rock we know how important it is to stay topical and entertaining in the morning, and we pledge to continue giving you the best morning programming in Southwest Florida." Stern announced on his show today that he declined to renew his contract with WRXK apparently because another Beasley station — Sports Talk WQAM/Miami — dropped his program a few months ago over indecency concerns. Stern noted on his program today that he could not understand why Beasley thought his show's content was acceptable for Ft. Myers but not for Miami and that Beasley could not have it both ways. In a statement to WBBH-TV/Ft. Myers, Stern's agent, Don Buchwald, said, "He has it in his power to make decisions, as do other people, to pull the show."
Market speculation has WRXK's afternoon Stan and Haney program moving to mornings, starting Monday, while the nighttime Liz Wilde Show would bump up to afternoon drive. Stan and Haney plan to make an announcement regarding the future of their program at 3pm tomorrow.

I've been following news on Howard Stern since he quit Infinity and I think he is in way over his head. Just go to Sirius already because I'm not going to pay for you!

*Advice to my fellow seniors at Westminster, all the websites in the booklette that we got from the career day were very helpful job resources! Check them out!



At April 9, 2005 at 11:18 AM, Blogger Megan Marshall said...

Hey Tand, good job on YOUR networking -- & finding a connection to a place you applied! Good luck.

P.S. I am ALSO one of those annoying people who plays a song on repeat over & over again until I get sick of it! Like we don't get enough repetition by working in radio! :-P 8-)

At April 9, 2005 at 4:05 PM, Blogger Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

How'd the giveaway go? What kind of respose did you get?

At April 10, 2005 at 11:02 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Nice job on the tanning promotion! That was definately something fun and useful! It was nice hanging out at Caree day~


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